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RAJECKÉ TEPLICE is situated in the Valley of the river Rajčanky. It is surrounded by deciduous and coniferous forests of mountains Súľovských and Lúčanskej the Mala Fatra mountains. The mild climate is characterized by plenty of sunshine and prevailing bezvetrím.

THERMAL SWIMMING POOLS:-in rajecké Teplice in Rajec is a place for relaxation in the thermal bathing sites nearby.

NEIGHBORHOOD: architecture of the world famous village of Čičmany, svojrázna-hand-carved Nativity scene in the village of Rajecká Lesná is an ideal complement to explore the surrounding area.

SKIING in the winter season are attracted by the proximity of the quality:-ski resorts (Vrátna dolina, Cicmany, Rajecká Lesná, Velka Raca, martinske hole...), which is literally a paradise for lovers of winter sports.

-Ski Centre Čičmany (distance from the RT: 25 KM, altitude: 960 m above sea level, the number of ski slopes: 3, number of lifts: 6, difficulty: from the most demanding after learning of skiing)

-Rajecká Lesná SKI Centre (distance from the RT: 10 KM, altitude: 900 m above sea level, the number of ski slopes: 5, number of lifts: 5, difficulty: for recreational skiers)

-Fackovske sedlo-Klak Ski Centre (distance from the RT: 20 KM, altitude: 288 m above sea level, the number of ski slopes: 5, number of lifts: difficulty: for advanced and intermediate

Shopping:-"the cult of shopping" will not let the cool modern devotees close to Moscow with his historical part but also in a number of business centres.

TOURISM:-stay with us not just accommodation rajecka Valley, surrounded by mountains, and even entices-during the summer months and offers our visitors a wide range of activities for bicycling, boating in the local pond for your stay-for families with children.

A spa Rajecke Teplice

Natural healing Spa Rajecké Teplice is used as the primary means of balneoterapeutický 38 ° C thermal springs. Selection of thermal springs, pleasant climate, peat and allow patients with certain mental illnesses treated here, neurological disease and diseases of motion ústrojov.

Súľovské skaly , Strážovské vrchy

sulovske skaly