Accommodation Rules

Accommodation Rules

1 The property can be accommodated guests only, which is the accommodation properly declared. For this purpose, submit to owner on arrival his identity card, passport or other valid identity document under the Act č.135/82 Zb.z.

2 Guests can stay after the 14:00 o'clock. Depending on the order property to be a guest stay later than 17:00 hours and by that time and room for a guest book, unless otherwise specified in the order. Guest checks out no later than 11:00 hours and at that time must vacate room. When released guest room at that time, the property charged him stay for the next day. If a guest asks for the accommodation, the landlord offered him a different room.

3 To receive visits, the property designated area. The room guest can receive visits accommodated guests only with the consent of the worker concerned property.

4 The rooms and premises of the property may make changes to the host device, and repair any damage to electrical or other installations.

5 The facility property and especially the room guests are not allowed to use their own portable electrical and gas appliances. This prohibition does not apply to electrical appliances, used for personal purposes reviews (shaver, massager, hair dryer, etc.).

6 The rooms and the hallways and common areas outside designated places smoking is strictly prohibited! !

7 In the period from 22.00 to 6.00 hours are required to comply with the guests during silent hours.

8 Before leaving the room overnight guest is obliged to conclude the taps off in the room, bathroom and its ACCESSORIES lights, close windows (ventilation mode enabled) and lock the front door.

9 For the money, valuables and jewelery operator property does not.

10th For the services the guest is required to pay the price in accordance with the valid price list. Account is always paid in advance in cash, unless otherwise agreed.

11th For damage caused to property property corresponds guest in full.

12th In the case of non-property right landlord is entitled to terminate prematurely stay accommodation.

13th Complaints yet, or suggestions for improvement activities take property management property.

This accommodation procedure is valid from 01.07.2011

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